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Coin Pricing

Die Stuck Coins:

Die Struck coins contain no color, but rather rely on the color of the chosen metal type for impact. Once approved, your unique design is stamped into the metal creating raised and recessed areas-much like traditional American currency.  Add 3D sculpting and/or antiqued plating options to your custom coin for additional “POP”.

1.5″ Coin$3.51$3.31$3.23$2.87
1.75″ Coin$3.85$3.66$3.58$3.20
2″ Coin$4.21$4.01$3.87$3.50
Mold Fees: 1.5″ -$100, 1.75″ – $125, 2″ – $150 NO MOLD FEES OVER 300pcs!

Color on One side

Coins with color on one side coins are die struck, but with added impact. What sets them apart is that color is injected into the approved recessed areas of your design on one side of the coin. This is a popular option for customers who plan to keep their coin in a display case that showcases just one side of the coin.

1.5″ Coin$3.80$3.58$3.52$3.13
1.75″ Coin$4.21$4.11$4.01$3.58
2″ Coin$4.63$4.62$4.52$4.03
Mold Fees: 1.5″ -$100, 1.75″ – $125, 2″ – $150 NO MOLD FEES OVER 300pcs!

Color On Both Sides

Coins with color on both sides are just as their name implies, with color injected into your design on both sides of the coin. This is a popular option for customers who present the coin to the recipient in a clear case. By adding color to both sides of the coin it allows for maximum design possibilities!

1.5″ Coin$3.97$3.80$3.58$3.34
1.75″ Coin$4.55$4.50$4.43$3.97
2″ Coin$5.15$5.07$5.02$4.55
Mold Fees: 1.5″ -$100, 1.75″ – $125,2″ – $150 NO MOLD FEES OVER 300pcs!

Additional Options

There are many ways in which you can add to your coins and make them even more unique! These options include an antique finish, coin edge details, presentation cases, and so much more!

All of the options seen here, should you choose to incorporate them in your design, will be shown on your proof. We will fine tune your design until you are 100% satisfied with the final product. Remember-production will not begin until you say it does! Fill out and submit your FREE Quote form to us today!

Clear Coat Epoxy

$0.30 per side

Glow In The Dark Enamel

$0.20 per color

Bottle Openers

Quote upon request

Glitter Enamel

$0.13 per color

Duo Tone Metal

$0.90 per side


Quote upon request.

Metal Plating Options

Polished Gold


Polished Silver


Polished Copper


Antique Gold

$0.40 per coin

Antique Silver

$0.40 per coin

Antique Copper

$0.40 per coin

Custom Challenge Coin Edge Options

Rope Cut

$0.30 per side

Oblique Cut

$0.30 per side

Diamond Cut

$0.30 per side

Bevel Diamond Cut

$0.30 per side

Spur Cut

$0.30 per side

Additional Coin Pricing

Antique Finish$0.40 each
Glitter Enamel$0.13 each
Sequential Numbering$0.35 each
Duo-Tone Metal$0.90 per side
Keychain Attachment$0.55 each
Velvet Coin Bags$0.60 each
Diamond Cut Edges$0.30 per side
Acrylic Coin Capsule$1.00 each
Epoxy Coating$0.30 per side
Velvet Presentation Case$3.75 each
Glow Enamel$0.20 each
PVC Coin Pouch with FlapFree / Standard
Bottle OpenersQuote on request
3D SculptingQuote on request